Wednesday, July 22, 2015

12 Months

Okay, okay, okay, I do realize it is July and I am just now writing Andrew's one year post! What can I say, life is crazy and good and busy! This has been on my plate for a while to write so I can get his book printed. I have posted on Facebook and Instagram, and this will most likely be my last blog post!

One year old!!!!
Andrew had his first birthday in the most magical place on earth...Disney World! We celebrated all month long though and had a small party with Brad's parents and sister a few weeks before and then with my family at Disney. Before I get into that, some one year pieces of info...

At 12 months, Andrew was about 21 pounds and smaller than I thought he would be! He was still nursing (we stopped around 14 months) and still NOT sleeping through the night. Sigh. This turn around at about the same time I stopped nursing though and I am so happy to report that at 17 months he is (finally) a good sleeper. Alleluia! 

At one year, Andrew was walking well and hitting his head on everything possible. He needs a helmet! He is our little daredevil and had no fear. But he is a sweetie, so happy and smiley and such a little ham! He cracks us up! His little personality is such a stinker and goofball all of the time. He is going to be our little comedian. 

He absolutely loved his cupcake (no surprise there because he loves to eat) and had a great time smashing into it! At one year, Andrew wasn't really saying a whole lot other than "dada" and "mama." He has this noise he makes when he wants something but we think he is trying to say "please." Or at least we will pretend that. :)

Disney was beyond amazing. So magical everytime. John was such a great age for it and had the best vacation ever. Andrew got sick on his birthday and was exhausted but he was a trooper. Overall he did great. 

I will try to end with some pictures of the month. Andrew, we love you so much little buddy! It has been such a great first year, although you definitely were not an "easy" baby! Ha! But I can't imagine it any other way! You definitely complete our family and are going to give your big brother a run for his money! We love you AJ!

In the ER after a fall in the doorway. 

First haircut 

Bring on the cupcake!

Sharing wih Aunt Lisa

Swimming with Daddy

And now for our Disney pics...

Happy Birthday Andrew!!!! 


















Wednesday, February 11, 2015

11 Months and Walking!

So I figured I better get Andrew's 11 month post up before next week when he turns ONE!!! How is it possible that a whole year has gone by since having Andrew?! In some ways it seems like he was just born and other times it feels as if he has been a part of our family forever. He has been so much fun, a lot of work, and so much fun to watch grow. 

So right around Christmas Andrew started taking some steps and by 11 months has this walking thing down pretty good. However, he falls SO much! I don't remember John falling so much. Or maybe it's just that Andrew seems to hit his head every time he falls. This kid has a new bump or bruise on his forehead every other day! We actually had to take him to the ER last Sunday of Super Bowl. We were getting ready for church and he was walking down the hallway when he fell right into the doorway upstairs. It was so loud and an instant goose egg formed. We panicked and took him in, but luckily he was fine. Just a nasty bump and bruise. 

As for sleep, Andrew has been doing okay. Still waking up in the night, but all four of his molars have popped through so hopefully that was a part of him waking up a lot. He is still waking up early (around 4-5) to eat, but then going back to bed pretty easily.

I enjoyed a girls weekend in Traverse  City in January and Brad was on kid duty. Luckily Papa Don came to help for the weekend, which helped so much! Thanks Don! All of the boys had a great weekend and I did too! It was much needed and SO amazing to sleep without a baby alarm buzzing in my ear. :)

Last weekend Monhaut's came to have an early celebration for Andrew's first birthday. We had so much fun drinking wine and watching Andrew devour his cupcake. He loved it and ate the entire thing. This kid loves to eat. He eats more table food than John I think! 

This month has gone by so fast and next week we will be celebrating Andrew's birthday in Disney! I can't wait!!!! Here are some pictures from the past month...

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas 2014

I had to separate my posts...too many pictures!

Christmas morning was so much fun. John was so sxcited driving home Christmas Eve and was on Santa watch! He woke up around 7:40 on Christmas morning but we made him wait until 8 before we woke up Andrew. Mean parents!

Santa was very good to John and Andrew. We had a low key day at home and made a big breakfast, and played in our Jammie's all day. It was perfect. My parents and grandma came over for dinner and then we headed to Indiana in the morning! It was a Lego and Star Wars Christmas for John. Andrew was happy with tissue paper and boxes! 

We had a great time in Indiana with the Monhaut's. Both GG's were there and Brad made everyone some fancy martini's. Again, the boys were very spoiled and loved every minute of it. Unfortunately, we had to come home early because Andrew woke up with a fever late Friday night. I felt so bad for him. Too much Christmas. Then, once we got home, I got sick as well. Andrew had a fever until Tuesday and mine is still lingering. Ugh. But I guess that's what happens when you live it up for a month on minimal sleep! :) 

We stayed in NYE so we didn't spread out germs, but it was perfect. I love our little family and this year Christmas was truly magical. Crazy that last year at this time we were so eager to meet Andrew and now he is almost a year old! 

Here are some pictures from Christmas and our trip to Indiana:


Happy New Year everyone! Up next, countdown to Disneyworld, Andrew's 1st Birthday, and planning John's 5th birthday party!!! Where has time gone? Our family has had many ups and downs this past year, but I am hopeful 2015 brings healing for my sister, health for our entire family, and many, many more adventures! We love you all!

10 Months-December 2014

Whew! December was the busiest month yet but so, so much fun! John is just at the perfect age for Christmas and was SO excited to put up our tree and decorate. We put our tree up the first weekend in December and it was a whirlwind of events since then. Andrew was a trooper at every event, and despite not sleeping well this month, worked his charm and did awesome. 

I just can't believe Andrew is 10 months old already and will be a year soon! Crazy!!! The big news this month is that he has started taking steps! He only takes a couple at a time, but he is so proud! He has learned how to wave and clap, so he will clap everytime he falls down. It is so cute. 

Instead of writing a book on all the events we did this month, I will try to document it through pictures. Here goes!

One of my sisters college friends held an annual Santa Barn fundraiser the first weekend of December and my sister was the recipient of their fundraising efforts. It was really fun. There was a live reindeer, Santa himself, and a train ride that John loved. It was a cold day but luckily the kids didn't mind! 

The next morning we had our annual BPG Christmas party. We did a brunch this year and it was great. We are so lucky to have made such great friends through this group. The kids do a gift exchange and John was thrilled about his  first present of the season!

Our Elf on a Shelf, Chippy, arrived the morning after we put our tree up and has been keeping John on his toes every day finding him. John has been waking up every morning so early to find him and has been so into it. We just have to be careful Andrew doesn't touch him! :)

We participated in our living nativy at church this year. John was the best shepherd! 

We had our annual Brunch with Santa for Brad and Jenny's birthday. Unfortunately Libby was sick this year, so her and Doug had to stay home. Both boys loved Santa. Santa even knew all about Chippy and John. It was great.  

John's preschool party, waiting for Santa to arrive. 

Our family was asked to light the advent wreath at church the Sunday before Christmas.

We celebrated Christmas with my dad's side of the family the Sunday before Christmas as well. John and Andrew were both so spoiled, and John was on cloud nine!!!

Christmas Eve we went to my cousin Melissa's house for our annual party. Both boys did great and were once again spoiled. After that, we headed back to my parents and did gifts with them and Jenny and Doug and the girls. We couldn't believe how much stuff they got, and Santa hadn't even come yet!!!